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"bringin' the mix"

Dr. Debi Hamlin

According to those who have had heard her vocal range and interpretations, from Baltimore to LA, New York to Atlanta, Debi Hamlin has that rare gift of soul, the ability to make audiences feel her story, her song. Industry critics describe her as one who "weaves artistry with academics, sensuality with intelligence, music with history."

I specialize in covers of classic jazz, rhythm

and blues, inspirational, and holiday songs.

I define classic songs as those with memorable

melodies, meaningful lyrics, exceptional

arrangements, and stellar vocal


I sing about love -- the highest vibration.

You are now listening to my performance and

production of For the Love of You, originally

recorded by the Isley Brothers and Whitney


My current project, "Memories in the Key

of Love" includes renditions of songs made

famous by Big Maybelle, Barbara Mason, Carol

King, Bread, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, and

others. Each song will be made available when

mastered and mixed.  

Stay Tuned!!

Thank You. Hope to see you somewhere

in 2019!

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