The BronzeTone Center for Music & History

"bringin' the mix"

Dr. Debi Hamlin & the BronzeTone Center for Music &

History's Associate Partner-Supporters

Proudly Presents the

8th Annual Lewis Hamlin Jr. Legacy Remembrance

                                                                                                         Lewis Hamlin Jr. (1930-1991)

  James  Brown's Chief Arranger, Band Director, Lead Trumpeter, & Producer of "Live at the Apollo"


                                            Monday, October 24, 2022

                   North, South, Midwest, East, West

                          12 Noon til 12 Midnight


Thanks for visiting with us!

     The BronzeTone CENTER for Music & History is an intentional academic and cultural organization. founded by three Duke University alumni in 2010. Guided by the vision of the Dr. Debi Hamlin, our mission is to promote individual transformation through the cultural mediums of music and history. Our musicians and vocal artists specialize in song creation, music arrangement, production, performance, and studio recording.

    Our academicians are practitioners of American, African American, and Art History with secondary specialties in historic preservation, museum curating, and exhibition.  By referral only, our clients are individuals who (1) possess exceptional musical gift/talents; (2) are critical thinkers receptive to exploring the historical and social-political uses of their gift/talents/; and (3) are creative beings willing to promote, perform, and distribute their gift/talents in such a way that they inspire an informed and conscious listening audience. We hold regular auditions for aspiring artists 45-65 years young in Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Baltimore, Maryland; Durham, North Carolina; and Macon, Georgia.

     In addition, we assist individuals and groups by providing affordable entertainment for fundraising and special events. We coordinate/lead Community Conversations on relevant social issues, and sponsor artistic collaboration and music creative projects.  From East to West we have established a reputation for "bringin' the mix." Our goal, is to not only exceed expectations, but absolutely amaze you. Excellence in all things is the BronzeTone CENTER's standard because "the way that we do anything is the way that we do everything."

Check us out, enjoy the view, and return regularly for updates and "breaking news." We hope to see you again soon --- The best is yet to come!

Our Mantra

Positive Thoughts about ourselves and others,

     Positive Words to ourselves and others,

           Positive Deeds for ourselves and others,

                           EACH DAY.

Our Color

BRONZE, translated from the Hebrew word, "nechosheth or nechash"

is neither pure nor precious, but an eclectic mix of copper

and other alloy metals, strong yet flexible, and

resistant to erosion. The color BRONZE symbolizes

patience, persistence, positivity, and mature

authority over one's capacity to think.

Our Nature

The Blue orchid is epiphytic. It simply

attaches to the environment delivering eternal love and

beauty to the universe: an unselfish and everlasting giver of joy.

Blue Phalaenopsis Orchidaceae

Photo by M. Torres

Our Tone

Warm and continuous rhythms that move, melodies that touch, and

lyrics that inspire.

That is what we do, and -- this is how we do it.

Note that each page on our site is accompanied by musical compositions played in their entirety.

We do this in appreciation for the gift; and in reverent respect for each artists' unique musical

contribution to the world. Visitors may choose to listen or not via the volume control.

En-Joy, and Keep Moving Forward !!!

Much Love,

Dr. Deborah "Debi" P. Hamlin, Ph.D., Founder & CEO,

Vocal Artist & Professor of American & African American History

Berklee College/School of Music (Cert. 2020)

Duke University (Ph.D., 2004; MA, 98)

City University of New York (CUNY) (BA, 94)

BronzeTone CENTER for Music & History

West Hollywood, California

Baltimore, Maryland

Central Georgia